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How to Install shock absorber?

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shock absorbers are devices that reduce the impact of bumps and vibrations on a vehicle’s suspension system. They are also known as dampers, because they dampen the oscillations of the springs that support the vehicle’s weight. shock absorbers are essential for improving the ride comfort, handling, and safety of a vehicle. In this essay, I will explain what are the functions, components, and installation steps of absorbers.

  • What are the functions of shock absorber?

  • What are the components of shock absorber?

  • How to install shock absorber?

What are the functions of shock absorber?

  1. Support: shock-absorbers help to maintain the proper height and alignment of the vehicle. They also prevent excessive bouncing or sagging of the vehicle due to load changes or road conditions.

  2. Control: shock-absorbers help to stabilize and balance the vehicle during braking, cornering and accelerating. They also reduce the noise and vibration caused by the road surface or the engine.

What are the components of shock absorber?

  1. Cylinder: This is the outer casing that holds the fluid and protects the inner parts from dirt and damage.

  2. Piston: This is the part that moves up and down inside the cylinder when a shock occurs. It has small holes or valves that control the flow and pressure of the fluid.

  3. Rod: This is the part that connects the piston to the mounting point on the vehicle. It transfers the force of shocks from the wheel to the piston.

  4. Fluid: This is the liquid (usually oil) that fills the cylinder and absorbs heat from shocks. It flows through the holes or valves on the piston and creates resistance and damping.

  5. Seal: This is the part that prevents leakage of fluid from the cylinder or rod. It also prevents air or dirt from entering the cylinder.

How to install shock absorber?

  1. Park your vehicle on a level surface and loosen the lug nuts on both sides of the front or back end. Secure your vehicle with ramps and/or jack stands.

  2. Remove the wheels and locate the shock absorbers. They are usually attached to the lower control arm and upper frame or strut tower.

  3. Remove any bolts, nuts or clips that hold the shock absorbers in place. Be careful not to damage any brake lines, wires or hoses near them.

  4. Pull out the old shock absorbers from their mounts and dispose of them properly. Compare them with the new ones and make sure they are compatible and fit well.

  5. Install the new shock absorbers by reversing the removal steps. Make sure they are aligned and secured properly with bolts, nuts or clips.

  6. Reinstall the wheels and tighten the lug nuts. Lower your vehicle and test drive it to check for any leaks, noises or problems.

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