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What are the main functions of shock absorber?

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shock absorbers are devices that reduce the impact of bumps and vibrations on a vehicle’s suspension system. They are also known as dampers, because they dampen the oscillations of the springs that support the vehicle’s weight. shock absorbers are essential for improving the ride comfort, handling, and safety of a vehicle. In this essay, I will explain what are the uses, applications, and characteristics of shock-absorbers.

  • What are the uses of shock absorber?

  • What are the applications of shock absorber?

  • What are the characteristics of shock absorber?

What are the uses of shock absorber?

  1. In cars, shock-absorbers are part of the suspension system that connects the wheels to the chassis. They help to smooth out the bumps and potholes on the road and prevent the car from bouncing or swaying too much.

  2. In airplanes, shock absorbers are installed in the landing gear to absorb the impact of landing and takeoff. They also help to reduce the noise and vibration caused by the engine and propeller.

  3. In motorcycles, shock absorbers are attached to the front fork and rear swingarm to provide stability and control for the rider. They also protect the bike from damage due to rough terrain or jumps.

  4. In buildings, bridges and other structures, shock absorbers are used to dampen the effects of earthquakes, wind or explosions. They help to prevent structural failure or collapse by dissipating the energy of shocks.

What are the applications of shock absorber?

shock absorbers have various applications depending on their design and function. Some of the common types of shock absorbers are:

  1. Hydraulic shock absorbers: These use a liquid (usually oil) to transfer and dissipate the energy of shocks. They consist of a piston that moves inside a cylinder filled with oil. The oil flows through small holes or valves that control the resistance and speed of the piston.

  2. Pneumatic shock absorbers: These use a gas (usually air or nitrogen) to cushion and absorb shocks. They consist of a piston that compresses a gas inside a sealed chamber. The gas acts as a spring that pushes back against the piston.

  3. Magnetic shock absorbers: These use magnets to create a variable magnetic field that opposes and adjusts to shocks. They consist of a coil that generates an electric current when moved by a shock. The current creates a magnetic field that interacts with permanent magnets attached to the coil.

What are the characteristics of shock absorber?

  1. Stroke: This is the maximum distance that the piston can travel inside the cylinder or chamber. It determines how much shock can be absorbed by the device.

  2. Force: This is the amount of resistance or pressure that the shock absorber exerts on the piston. It determines how fast or slow the piston moves and how much energy is dissipated by the device.

  3. Damping: This is the rate at which the shock absorber reduces or eliminates vibrations or oscillations after a shock. It determines how smooth or rough the ride is after a shock.

shock absorbers are important devices that improve comfort, safety and performance in various vehicles, machines and structures. They have different functions, uses, applications and characteristics depending on their design and function. Factory Wholesale shock absorber is a company that provides high-quality shock absorbers for various needs and purposes.If you are looking for a supplier of high quality shock absorber for home at a reasonable price , Ido Group Co., Ltd. is a very good choice.

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